Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bible reading........

I was wondering, if you think we should create a new blog for our bible reading schedule? That way, this site does not get to cluttered. If you think it would be a good Idea, I can create a new blog, that way you can still be able to get on it, and it will be nice to have a separate blog to avoid clutter. What do you think??? Just tell me and I will ether still keep on posting for the bible reading on this blog, or create a new one so we can post there. I would like to know by tomorrow, that way we could have today's feedback on the bible reading on it. Thanks!



  1. BOSTAN SAID......

    If you did not get my other responce, i would like to do Esther. For the Bible reading.

  2. BOSTAN SAID.....

    I also have a verse that i read and liked but i did not write it yet, because of the new blog site. do you want me to make it? Or do you it doesn't matter.

    Hey this part is only if you did not get my other comment. I can't do the reading for this sat. and Sunday because i have a assembly, if that is ok. :@ :) :( :)

  3. Yeah that is fine! IT sounds good about Esther, for Sunday. I will make the blog today, so you can post what you liked about it on that one. I will make a post, just look for it under drafts. Thanks.