Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chapters 7-9 (FC)

Bostan Said...............

I found it pretty good! Yep!

Well i liked the chapters, and i liked the conversation. It is refreshing to read a book like this that has a lot of conversation. Don't get me wrong i love my other favorites but this is different, she might not do it for all of her books i don't know, but it is nice in my view. MY favorites are starting in the beginning, i liked the conversation from the journey to the country house to the the conversation from the house. I really like Kit because he is not perfect and fails at times but he is a nice bloke. From a short acquaintance i like the old nurse, she seemed really nice. And in the story i liked the change of plans, His mother coming down and acting so childish. I think she is cool, and the arrival of the dreaded guests was a nice change and startle. It was pretty funny the way Kit's mother acted and how she invited her brother to stay, for that reason. Cressy is a nice character, i love her. And in a comical way her grandmama is not as bad as every one says, she is just old style and made to be rude and mean. I think it is the effect of having wealth to fast and for to long. I hope no one criticise me for saying i sort of like her. :)


Lain Said.....................

I am forever in love with this book! I thought it amazingly amusing, with new twists along the way. I enjoyed the conversation immensely, and think the whole story line splendid. I think it hilarious that his mother invited her intolerable family just to be red of Cressy and her grandmama! I am exceptionally drawn to Cressy. I think it is her lightness of manner, and her wit. She is sweet, yet shy, and she always tells her mind. Kit and her seem to be a good match, but of coarse this is not suppose to be. It always seems to be that way. I am growing ever more curious of his brothers were abouts. Well all in all I thought it VERY well written, and the description of the estate. 


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