Friday, July 24, 2009

Chapters 13-15 (TheRS)

Bostan Said....

Yes i agree with Lain i can't wait to read more. In the book i thought it was very funny of Elenor to buy Thomas a gift. Usually that is how it happens you find something you want to get for someone and then after you feel uncomfortable giving it to him or something. I also thought it was cute when Nana appeared in a barrow. She is amazingly inscribed in my head, i can just see her. Wild white hair (and pink in the light of the fire) and a fresh attitude, but old appearance. I liked the story that she told. I feel though that i have heard of it before. Hummm... I think i have.

Lain Said....

I greatly liked these chapters. I thought it very sweet of Elenor to buy Thomas a book, and for Thomas in return to give her a delicately carved snail shell. I thought the story that they told very spooky, though, I know it could never happen... I greatly like Nana, and am saddened that the last chapter may be the last we hear of her. I am beginning to like Thomas more, because I believe he is becoming wiser, and is liking Elenore more, even though he still refers to her as the "Brat". All in all I thought these chapters quite charming, and can't wait to read more.

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