Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chapters 25-27 (TRS)

Bostan Said.....
I really liked these chapters, they were very good. I really wanted Etienne to stay with them but he had a mission. Yea maybe he was in love with her. Thomas is become nicer and better in my opinion each day, and i can't wait to see what becomes of him. I wasn't so keen on the Italian girls especially Bea, she seems to be not my favorite. And sham on Thomas!!! But i really think Elenor should have not climbed the steps. I think it wasn't worth it and a was of effort, i just don't get why it had to be done. And Thomas should have not let her go, but it was very nice of him to look after her. Can't wait to finish and see what happens.
Lain Said........
Today's reading was VERY good!!!! (I think this book is making it's way into my favorites.) Anyway, I was sad when Etienne had to leave. I really liked him and thought he was very nice. I think in a secret place in his heart, he was in love with Nora. I am glad that Thomas and Nora are getting along so well with each other. I really think they are beginning to love one another. I like the Italian girls that have entered the story, although, I am not happy with Thomas' attraction toward Bea, though I do not think anything will become of it.... I was kind of worried about Nora, and how sick she was after climbing those steps. I am just glad that she is alright now. I can't wait to finish the book tomorrow!

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