Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chapters 22-24 (RH) pages 277-334

Bostan Said.................
I liked these chapters, they were very illustrated and Funny. And i like funny. I loved the part when Queen Elinor brought Robin into her castle and had him play in the game. They Won!! which was the best part. And i also loved when they went on the long but dangerous chase, that was fun. And my favorite part of all was when Robin Dresses up in the potters clothes and deceives the sheriff, Roger De Lacy, and Sir Guy. I just loved that part. Well i can't wait (yet again) to read more!!!

Lain Said.....................

I found these chapters all very amusing. I thought it very funny the way Robin Hood dealt with the situation with the fat priests. =) Robin Hood knew that they were lieing, and did not just tell them that and take their gold. Instead he made them "pray" for an hour kneeling, on the dusty road, that they might be sent money. I thought it all hilarious! I am glad that the night did get his money to pay for his land. I also thought it quite funny when Robin Hood was in the archery contest. I deeply like the queen, and hope she lives through out the book. I was glad that Robin Hood got away from John, and liked his harassing manner towards John. I did not like that the Potter beat Robin Hood. In my opinion, to many have beet him. I am glad that he does beat all that count though. The way Robin Hood tricked the sheriff was very humerus, and made me smile. All in all I liked these chapters excessively.

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