Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chapters 16-18 (RH) pages 181-229

Bostan Said....................

I had fun with these chapters! They were different than any of the others before because they were mostly taken place out side of Sherwood and all of that. I loved the rest of the coming home chapters, but somehow i thought Robin to be one who never was defeated. Or well only by a just few amounts of people. One thing or shall i say person that i don't really like yet is the Scottish man, he doesn't seem part of the band yet and i don't like him too much yet. But i do say "yet" because i still have hope that i will during the next chapters or so. My favorite part was in the sorry rescue and i thought that was very witty and funny. How Marian really doesn't like the stupid version of Robin and how Will Scarlett is in "Love" with Maid Marian. The triangle is complicated but very funny to read about. And so i can 't wait to read the next chapters tomorrow. ~

Lain Said..........................

It WAS SO GOOD! The more I read this book, the more I LOVE IT! I can't believe I have had this book for so long and not read it. Any way, I liked these chapters a lot. I did not like Robin Hood getting beat again, but I guess that some what shows his human side. The chapter I enjoyed the most was "A Sorry Rescue. I really liked the parts about making the caves their home. It is something I would LOVE to do. To carve out things and explore caves and such. Ahhh all of the excitement.... How I wish I could be there myself. I really liked also the joke Robin Hood played on Will Scarlet. It was funny and very witty. I think this was one of my favorite readings so far and I CAN'T WAIT TO READ MORE!!!!!

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