Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chapters 10-12 (RH) pages 85-132

Bostan Said.................
I thought these chapters where nice and funny. The Friar is always different and he is quite spirited and well just a good fighter in this tale. He is funny also. The story so far is being made up nicely and i can't wait to read the middle and finally see how it all ends. I liked the fact that Robin went alone on a private mission and he played the fool well. And De Lacy is a character all his own, being two things at a time. I also really really liked the dialogue between Robin and De Lacy, it is as they are joking but serious at the same. Both sarcastic and both ready to kill the other dead. In the end they take each of the others comment well.
I can't wait to read more!
Lain Said.................

Parts of these chapters made me laugh. I thought it hilarious that this fat friar was so good at fighting. I also thought it rather laughable that he had a pack of dogs at his command. And twice through these chapters did Robin Hood get beat up from a soon to be new recruit. The first with Friar Tuck was quite fair, the second being of coarse undoubtedly, unfair. I do really like Friar Tuck. I like the whole band of outlaws really. Each seam so believable. Like I could have meet them myself if I was there. I am glad that they threw Maid Marian in there to add some feminine charm to the mostly masculine story. All in all it was a very good read, and I already recommend this book! =)

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