Friday, June 19, 2009

Chapters 13-15 (RH) pages 133-180

Bostan Said......................
I liked these chapters a lot. I really liked in the first chapter how they had the tournament and how funny it ended. I really was glad Robin got away with that disguise. Then The Mass Chapter when Robin gets let down by his band, but they make it up to him by a funny, witty and cleaver rescue. And i really liked the end chapter and how he goes away to sea and how he is very humble and knows his place. He knew he could never be captain, and i thought it was very good of him not to take the job because he could not do it and he knew that. And the adventure with the pirates. And it is nice that he is returning to Sherwood and back to his lads. I can't wait to read the next chapters!

Lain Said.........................

These chapters greatly pleased me. I really like the tournament, though I do wish that Robin Hood was aloud to enter. I did how ever like that Will Scarlet won the battle. I do so ever like Maid Marian. I think it funny her infatuation with Robin Hood. I was greatly startled when Robin Hood was captured when attending Mass, but also really liked his escape. What startled me more than his capture was his want to leave Sherwood Forest and his band. I did not understand his desire at all, and am glad he is back to his own self again. I really liked when he was on the fisherman's ship. It showed how hummable he was and it also showed his heroism. Well all in all it was stupendous. Can't wait to read more!

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