Monday, June 22, 2009

Chapters 19-21 (RH) pages 230-276

Bostan Said....................
I really liked these chapters. My favorite of them all was when Little John became a spy in the castle and how that went. He did a wonderful job in pretending to be not the brightest and the not the toughest. And it was funny to see how Guy and the sheriff took the new and truth that their inside guy was really Little John. That was very amusing. And going back i really thought that Will was in serious trouble and was maybe going to die because i have never really heard of him in very many accounts and i thought this was his end. But i am so happy to find that it ended well!
I can't wait to read tomorrows chapters!

Lain Said.......................

I liked these chapters, though not as much as the last. I thought it exceedingly funny that they stole a priest to sing mass for them, and then deprived him of food. It made me laugh. I also thought it funny and just like Will to get lost in the caves. He just did not want to listen to Robin Hood, so he got himself in trouble. I thought Little John clever to disguise himself and pretend not to know how to fight. I just hope that they save poor Marian. I can't wait to see what they attempt. Can't wait to read more!


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