Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chapters 5-8 Emma

Bostan Said....

I love the whole business of this book. Like a lot of J.A Books she has a lot of stages in story's, we are getting quite far into it and more into the twists. I love the character Mr. Knightley, he is one of my favorites and i like him because he is caring but he also cares enough to tell Emma as a friend that she is going to far. He is just what she needs, every one else pretty much lets her get away with everything. I also love Miss. Smith, i know she is not a strong individual but she is sweet, loyal, caring, and she trusts Emma. Poor Emma gets her into trouble i am seeing in more detail. Also i love Miss Taylor/ Mrs. Weston, she is a good friend also, loyal, sweet, and strong. She is also a good reality check for Emma. The whole painting section in the chapter was fun, and the long chapter between Mr. Knightley and Emma was very dialogue'd which was cool. I feel bad for the poor bloke that got refused by Miss. Smith, but i can't fully blame it completely on Emma, Emma really just hinted things and other of that matter. Miss. Smith was the one who took those hints, but if she accepted their would be no story. Their is more but i wont go in to it..

Lain Said...

Jane Austen is a genius!!!!!!! I know, you probably knew that already, but I just wanted to emphasise it. She paints such pictures with words, that you get so engrossed in the book, you are transported back to the 1800's in England!!!! I did really like these chapters, and have to say that I disagree with Bostan on this one, (just a little bit though). I think that Emma is Solely responsible for Miss Smith turning down Mr. Martin... In my belief, Miss Smith would have excepted, and should have excepted. I believe that she really did fancy him, and would have been vastly happy there, being able to visit with his beloved sisters as much as she wanted. Though, I do see what Emma's point was, though I do think her wrong.... If only she knew why Mr. Elton was doing such kind things for Miss Smith..... But she will soon find out. I do like Mr. Knightly, and find my thinking somewhat in tune to his. I really liked these chapters, and can't wait to read more!!!!!

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