Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chapter 15-17 (Emma)

Bostan Said...

Well the first chapter for this reading was very well detailed to the contents of a very fun party and the leading in to a devastating proposal. Wow it was the first time that i really realized how Mr. Elton could not have been as in love as he wanted to be with Emma. It was a huge turn in the story and on three sides it was not taken well. Mr. Elton embarrassed and shamed, Emma horrified to have mislead her dear friend, and Harriet's heart broken self. It could have all been speared if Mr. John Knightley went and not forgotten which carriage he belonged to. After i thought it was funny because he tried his best to be accommodating and apologising for his mistake. But i am glad even though Harriet is heart broken she is not or does not blame Emma as to loose their friendship. Emma did mean well, though she messed up very badly on choice of conduct and character.

Lain Said.....

I thought these chapters quite funny. The reason for this is because of Emma's realization process. It was not Mr. Elton's proposal that made her relies, in fact it was her brother-in-laws comment. I thought it hilarious the way she was like, "No he could not possible like me, I mean it is not probable, well maybe....." It is funny how you seem to notice things more when they are brought out. So all that night, poor Emma, who brought it upon herself, even though it was with good intentions, was seeing all the clues that shouted loud and clear, "I want to merry YOU, not your friend." Poor Emma was so confused, especially when he proposed to her in the carriage. Oh it was so funny, yet I felt so bad for all of them, but least of all for Mr. Elton, who truly was in it for the money and society.... But still. I am glad that Harriet took it so well, and hope things go better for her. I can't wait to read more.

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