Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapters 24-26 (Emma)

Bostan Said.......

I quite liked these chapters, they did well together. The part where Frank goes to get his hair cut was interesting, Jane must have had fun writing that. And the part where Emma is very slighted for not receiving an invitation. I can totally understand, you want the power to decide if you are to go or not. Even if you don't want to go you still want to at least say no. But i really liked the ball chapters. The last chapter (26) was very long but i enjoyed it very much. The conversation between Frank and Emma and Emma and "Miss. Taylor". I find Mr. Frank Churchill likes to talk gossip, but i like him plenty.
And the subject between Mr. Knightley and Jane was absolute and the reasons for believing them together funny.

Lain Said.........

I also liked these chapters. I thought that Mr. Churchill and Emma did well together. I thought them quite the cute couple. I liked Mr. Churchill for his ever optimistic look on life. Though I was a little unsettled when he was showing off with his singing. To think he would have made poor Jane Fairfax sing until she was hoarse, is a horrible thought. I just hope he was ignorant to it. I did think Mr. Knightley the most thoughtful of them all. First with the carriage and then to her singing. I do not think him partial to Jane though.... But we shall all see. I can't wait to read more!!!!

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