Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chapters 27-29 (Emma)

Bostan said.........

I really liked these chapters. For a few chapters we were seeing more of Mr. Churchill than Mr. Knightley but i am glad that he is coming more into the book again. Well i quiet liked the chapter when every one (like Emma, Harriet, Mr. Churchill, Mrs. Weston, And the Bates) were in the same house. And all the conversation was so entertaining i found it to be. And i thought it was very very funny when Mr. Knightley was stopped by Miss. Bates. Their short conversation made me laugh, how everybody heard them! And i also liked how Mr. Churchill came to ask what Emma thought of the ball/dance arrangements. And how they had to convince Mr. Woodhouse into thinking the taking of the Crown a good idea. Can't wait to read more

Lain Said.........

These chapters proved to be very entertaining. I deeply liked the chapter when they were all in the same room. To think that Mr. Churchill hinted so distinctly!!!!! The shame of it!!!!!!!! I can not imagine Miss Jane's embarrassment. I am still fond of Mr. Churchill, but am not quite sure what to make of him, with all his hinting. I am glad they are having a ball, for no Jane Austen novel is complete without a ball in my opinion. Well I can't wait to read more on the matter, and see how Emma, and Frank's dance go........ Till the next three.

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