Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chapters- 30-32 (Emma)

Bostan Said..........

I really loved these chapters, and i liked how they went even though there was not ball.
It was sad that Churchill left and there was no ball, but i am sure other characters will fill in the gap. I loved the chapter on Emma thinking herself in love and talking about how much Mr.Churclill was and how she would let him down nicely and they all will be friends. And i really enjoyed the chapter of Mrs. Elton's visit. It was very fair of Emma to give her a second chance, but it was very funny when it didn't go very well. I know many of a Mrs. Elton, and she is very real in my mind. Her nature and mouth affords her no pleasures or rewards. Well i can't wait to read more,


Lain Said.........

I thought these chapters good, but a little sad. I was very sad to see Mr. Churchill leave. I think if he was given more time...... they would have become more attached, and who knows if Emma would have given way to marriage. Who knows.... I did like the chapters on Mrs. Elton. I thought her exceedingly annoying, and thought it hilarious how incensed Emma was becoming toward her. Hilarity in itself indeed. I am sorry to know that she offers little to the society. It would have been nice to have another female character of good humor, added to the story. I dearly hope that Mr. Churchill returns soon, and I can't wait to read more.....

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