Friday, September 4, 2009

Chapters 36-38 (Emma)

Bostan Said......

I enjoyed these three chapters immensely. I thought it was very good of Mr.Weston to try to be agreeable to Mrs. Elton. (well he is very agreeable all of the time which i like him for it) And i am so happy that he is always happy at his sons coming, i just really like him. I wish i knew someone like him. I do. And It was happy news that Frank is coming back, i didn't know if he was going to come back in the book or not. But i was surprised that he didn't spend more time with Emma. But all the while she is observing him and trying to think of a way to let him down easier. Though she is comforted to observe that he is less "in love with her." And i really liked the Ball at the crown Chapter immensely. I really enjoyed it! With Mr. and Mrs. Westons Agreeable ways, Emma's charming self, Frank's running about, Miss. Bates Talking on (though i do like babbling), Jane's soft self, Mrs. Elton's pushy self, Harriet's sweet nature, and Mr. Knightley's aim not to dance. I really liked the part when Mr.Knightley asks Harriet to dance. It was just so sweet!!!! I remember in one of my favorite movies Clueless how they made that scene between Mr. Knigtley (Josh) and Harriet (Tai), it just made me think of that. I also was glad Mr. Knightley decided to dance more than once, because i was thinking about going into the book and making him dance another time with someone. Well i liked these chapter again (well of course i did) and can't wait to read more.

Lain Said...........

I also liked these chapters. I do admit that I don't think that I could tolerate Mrs. Elton as well as Mr. Weston does. I have already acquired a deep dislike for her, and it deepened when she was encouraging her husband to hurt Harriet so!!!! I felt so bad for her, but then was so happy that Mr. Knightley saved her!!!!!! He just keeps rising in my opinion!!!! I liked that he asked (well sort of) Emma to dance, I think it is suggesting something further for later in the book. I think it is wonderful.... I have to say I don't like Mr. Churchill as much this time... I hope he does something to raise my opinion of him once again, but if he does not, oh well. I also thought Miss Bates' rambling was hilarious. I think she is a really sweet person, but yet if I had to deal with her in real life, I don't know if I could trust myself to think of her as kindly as I do now.. hehehehe. Well I liked these chapters and look forward to tomorrow's reading....


  1. who do you know like that???

  2. Hehehehehehe!!!:)
    I will tell you in email!! My moms friend comes pretty close i would say. Bubbly and that sort!